Emma Walker

Walker's work explores the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious. She has an instinctive understanding of colour, line and texture and there is an extreme play of light and dark in her abstracted landscapes which creates a dreamlike dimension.

Walker's childhood was spent living between Sydney and south-western NSW as well as traveling around the world with her family. She studied at the National Art School where she completed a diploma of Fine Arts from 1991-93.  In 2000 she returned to NAS and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has also studied in Italy and traveled extensively. 
   Walker’s objective has never been to depict but to evoke. Whether it be a sense of place, an atmosphere, a feeling or a memory. Her work references nature, science and the ineffable nature of that which lies beneath the surface of appearances.  The techniques that she employs: of painting in layers, obscuring and revealing, addition and erasure, these all reflect the thought processes and ideas that underpin her work.
  1. CK Gallery
    Sunflower, 1991, 1/20, 25 x 20cm, Framed, $250
  2. CK Gallery
    Castanet Nuts, 1/20, 24.5 x 20cm, Framed, $250